Saturday, September 19, 2009

Congratulations Shane & Deanna!

Here she is! We are so excited! Hailey Marie Willoughby entered the world safe, sound and beautiful! She was born on Thursday night, September 17th. She weighed in at 6 lbs, 7 ozs and is 18 inches long. Elmo, Shawn and I took a quick trip to Phoenix, just so I could lick her. We are so thrilled to have a new little girl to dress up and love.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday Jennifer!

Jennifer, what can I say? I carried you in my body, felt you grow, kick me and I was so thrilled the day you were born. You are so awesome, full of joy and sweetness, some sassiness thrown in there, along with a whole lot of girliness. You are a joy to our family and a blessing to Landon, Tristan, Jaxon & Avery. These babies,Auntie Jenny, love you and look up to you, please remember your life will influence them. Stay close to your Heavenly Father and make good choices for these sweet babies in our family. When I think of you as a little girl, I think of you naked with your toe hanging over the edge of the bathtub, looking over your shoulder at me, with your hair bow tucked tightly in your fingers, and your dark hair poking out all over your head. I see you singing, "Krinkle, Krinkle little Star" and "Unchained Melody", Erin and you twirling and dancing together. Jennifer, you have brought me so much joy, so much laughter and my wish for you is happiness and contentment in your life. I wish for you to have many, many little ones to call your own, a good man, who loves you as you should be loved and continued passion in everything you do. I love you Jennifer, thanks for the memories. Mom

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy 17th Birthday Shane & Shawn

My babies are growing up. Happy Birthday to my twin boys, Shane Kim and Shawn David. Seventeen years ago, Dave & I excitedly awaited the birth of our twin boys. They have never let me down in the excitement department. They have brought our family many laughs, many tears and never a dull moment. They have grown into awesome young men, full of compassion, love for their family, and faith. Its been tough for them not to have their father around but they have found their own way, grown and matured, made their own decisions and are learning to live with them. They have grown up together, started out as one, and have grown into two wonderful young men, whom I am proud of. They are an extension of each other but standing proud on their own.
I gave birth to them 12 minutes apart, held them, marveled at their sameness and their individuality. And I still cannot believe Iwas so blessed to have not one but two perfect boys. In my eyes they are as perfect today as they were on their birthday. So Happy 17th Birthday, Dean & Don, Shaner & Shawner, my claim to fame. I love you both. You are so awesome. Thank you Heavenly Father for sending them to our family. Mom

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Congratulations Erin & Brent Willis

Congratulations to Brent & Erin, who took the plunge on May 2, 2009, amongst family and friends. Erin made a beautiful bride and Brent a very handsome groom. Erin's father, Dave & soon to be step-father, Elmo escorted the bride down the aisle. Landon & Avery Trezise trailed behind the bride carrying her train. Unfortunately, Avery got wrapped up in the excessive amounts of fabric, tripping on the train when her Auntie Erin stopped unbeknownst to her (that was Tara talking).... Sisters, Jennifer and Tara were there to help Erin dress and veil herself along with her twin brothers, Shane & Shawn who added some comic relief. We missed our Heather, Jaxon & Preston as they were home in Queen Creek fighting the flu. With a few tears and lots of well wishes, Erin & Brent were married. We love you both and wish you the very best, much happiness, much love and many little Willis babies for their grandma to love! Love you both, Mom


Landon is five now and is playing T-Ball. He is an awesome t-ball player and his Daddy is the coach! We arrived Friday afternoon early just to watch him play. Go Bees!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My babies are getting married....

When your children grow up, move away from home and start their own lives, it is bittersweet. You know that you've done your job, hopefully, as my girls have and they become productive members of society, hold a job, pay their own bills, make their own decisions. It was difficult for me to allow Tara and Heather to make those decisions, and now I face letting go of my little girls, Jennifer and Erin. Erin will marry Brent Willis this weekend in Snowflake, and Jennifer has also informed me that she has found her eternal mate in a wonderful young man, known as Wes. I wish them the very best of life and love. I tell them as my own mother told me, "the choices you make as adults, you live with for a long, long time." I hope and pray that our Heavenly Father is guiding them in their choices. Good luck, Jennifer & Erin, may God bless you with joy and happiness. I love you both, more then you will ever know. Mom

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Willy T!

Happy Birthday to my Willie T! When Tara took Will as her eternal companion 6 years ago, she brought into this family, one awesome man. Anyone who knows William Russell Trezise knows what a grand addition to this family.

Ten things I love about Will:

1. Will loves my daughter with a devotion that takes most men years to attain. He works long hours and comes home every evening to help with the dishes and bathe the kids. He truly loves Tara and finds such joy in their marriage.

2. Will loves his children. Most men love their children, but Will absolutely adores his 3 children. He is such a good father, not only their father but their friend. He finds such joy in being their father and marvels at each of their accomplishments. He is a self taught father as Will's own father passed away when Will was quite young.

3. Will is a hard worker. Will manages the Snowflake Wells Fargo and has grown and matured from his responsibilities for his employees. He worries and frets about his employees, as though they were his children also.

4. Will loves to clean house. Okay, so I'm lying, but he is always there to help Tara sweep, vacuum, and clean bathrooms. I've never heard him complain about his chores, he just does what needs to be done, changing stinky diapers, taking out the garbage or wiping a snotty nose.

5. Will is an awesome brother to his many siblings. When he took Tara's hand in marriage, he also took on three younger sisters, and two younger brothers. He loves them all dearly, although I think he likes to antagonize Jennifer the most. He loves to take off with the twins and was caught early in his married life, allowing Shawn to back his car down Nan & Pops very steep driveway!

6. Will loves me and he truly cares for my well-being. He takes time out of his busy day just to call and give me some support and tell me that he loves me

7. Will loves sports. He loves to play baseball, basketball, volleyball, you name it... he loves to play it. He also loves to watch any kind of ball game on the tube. I can't tell you how many basketball games I've had to sit through on a Sunday afternoon. I would only do that for my Willy T.

8. Will loves to eat! I've never seen one man put so much chow down! He loves every kind of food but recently has had a taste for Lumpia. He has even talked Elmo into making a batch for him on Will's last visit.

9. Will is very spiritual, in his own way. ;) But, (and I'm with Will on this one) sometimes Sundays are made just for bumming and not churchin'. I'm sure Tara would disagree with me on this one.

10. Will has never met a person he doesn't like. He loves everyone, it matters not to him whether you are a bum or a prince, he will love you unconditionally and he will always be there for you, no matter what.

I could go on and on and on about my Willie T. He is super father, husband, son, friend, boss, you name it. The stars were shining, the moon was out and the sun rose on the day that Will was born, and the planets were aligned. We are truly a blessed family to have William Russell Trezise accompany us through this life.

I love you Will. Mom